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IF you came here from my Facebook or twitter, DO NOT WANDER. THE REST OF MY SITE IS NOT FOR YOU, (except for the donate button up there, thats fine!) you mind be exposed to things you did not know exsisted, and you will be a changed person. if you fear change just head over to my youtube (green buttons down below) and enjoy driving videos.
Just stick to the blue pill, stay away from the red pill, stay asleep and innocent! you already looking for the Home button, aren't you? /sigh


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MOST of the posts included are NOT mine, i don't own the rights to them in any way, all rights to the right owners. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT'S YOURS AND YOU WANT IT OFF TELL ME! AND I CAN REMOVE IT AND KNOW WHAT IS YOURS!IF YOU DON'T TELL ME I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WAS TAKE OFF!!! The ones i have rights too will be tagged with #navylostboy, or will have been submitted and have the tag #submitted to navylostboy.. I have shared most of these from other tumblrs or off the internet, if its yours contact me via ask for removal, Thanks!

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